What's Inside Petsi Box?

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  • All natural treats: 2 all-natural, vet-approved treats
  • Premium toys: 2 premium hard or soft toys based on chew preference
  • Care items: An all-natural product that helps in maintaining pet hygiene
  • Nutritional drinks: A nutritional pet drink that helps with hydration
  • Pet Insurance: Subscribe and get discounts for high quality pet insurance through Spokk
  • The Petsi Box Difference: We only partner with brands who share our values of being eco-friendly, reduce carbon pawprint, have sustainable impact, and promote humane processes. The only box catered for your pets dietary and wellness needs
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The Petsi Box Lineup

Choose from our top vet-approved boxes like the Classic, Plant Based, or CBD box that are catered for your pet needs

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  • Logan's Petsi Box

    Our Petsi Box came loaded with treatos, gear, and toys! Other boxes I've ordered came with less quality items that Logan destroyed, Petsi Box quality is unmatched!

    - Mahm

  • Charlie's Plant based Petsi Box

    My new favorite subscription box! Never seen a box with a plant based option and it did not disappoint. Fun treats, fun toys, and great essentials

    - Bill

  • Jax's CBD Petsi Box

    Jax loved this box! I didn't know a CBD box even existed. The Lazarus and Green Gruff worked well during New Years. Best part, its all vet-approved and third party tested

    - Miley

  • Zeus' Petsi Box

    This has to be the best subscription box I ever ordered for Zeus. We've tried other boxes before and none of their quality compared to Petsi. Absolutely love it!

    - Alex

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